Beautiful Morning

Morning All!

Hippie Momma is enjoying this beautiful morning on her patio and pondering her next soap batches and realizing that it is time to make her fall and winter soaps! It doesn't seem possible, but it's true! Time to get ready for her busy season of craft fairs and her annual open house. She has allot on her schedule and she has added another page to her website to keep you all updated! 

In the meantime Hippie Momma will be making more soap (both bar and liquid), new products and new and fresh ideas. 

Check back often to see what's new. Peace! 

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  • Hi, I have bought some soap and car products from you. I bought them from the Lakes Entrance market.
    I have misplaced your mobile number and was wondering if you have made the Japanese Honeysuckle soap as yet?
    How much are diffusers?
    I remember you telling me that you would be at the December markets in Lakes, is that still correct?
    If you have the soap in stock can I come to your shop to purchase it.
    Do you sell the honeysuckle refill bottles and how much are they.
    When you have made it, I would like 4 cakes of the soap please.
    Regards Averil.


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