New ingredients, products and directions

It's no secret that Hippie Momma has been, (and still is) recuperating from two major shoulder surgeries this year. It is a very slow process.

During this time she has been researching new ingredients for use to make better products. She has completed a course in Natural Holistic Remedies for which she received a certificate. She is also currently studying to become a certified Soapmaker through the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild.

Through her research she has developed a new product line called "Botanicals". The power of plants is increasingly important to Hippie Momma and to Mother Earth. The Botanicals line uses new combinations of base oils and butters and essential oils for fragrance combined to provide a calm, relaxed and a clear mind. This line is vegan and uses the power of plants to help nourish and care for your skin. 

Hippie Momma has also learned that self care is vital to our health and well being. Taking just a few minutes every day to reflect and clear you mind will help you to feel better about yourself, your partner, kids, job, ect. Owning Hippie Momma and being able to develop new products during this time has been vital to healing. 

Hippie Momma will close this blog by saying that she could not have one through these past 10 months without the love and support of Hippie Dad and Hippie Kid. They are my loves and my strength and were always there to hold me during the dark times. Hippie Momma owes everything to you!!

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  • Hi,
    I was at the YogaLoft and decided to try your LOVE body butter….can I tell you it is just awesome…I just ordered another and nighttime..cannot wait…wonderful job!Enjoy the holidays!


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