You are worth it!!

This month’s topic on Self-Care



Defined as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness, without narcissism. Taking care of your own needs. Not settling for less that you deserve.

When I first stared to research self-love I found many, many resources and opinions. This is a hot topic and one that we need to pay attention to. Many of us have gotten into the habit of not putting ourselves first. We want to show our love to our families and friends before ourselves. We will do for them until we are exhausted and have nothing left for ourselves. Some scientists say that we can not truly love others until we love ourselves.

Self-love can be as simple as looking into the mirror everyday and saying “I love you” and it can be very healing.  Choosing to eat well, exercise and meditating will nurture our body, mind and spirit.  Taking a few minutes a day to just sit and be can be relaxing and help us to focus better.

When you love yourself for who you are it will help you to be stronger for others also. We have all had times when we feel unlovable. We may have been told that we are inferior by others or done things that we are ashamed of. Maybe we feel that we don’t fit in or that we are overweight. You are awesome. You work hard, love others immensely and give of yourself. It’s time that you do the same for you. Put yourself first, take care of your needs, even if it’s something as simple as five minutes if quiet time in the morning to refocus your thoughts. I promise you that you are worth it!

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